Can a faulty graphics card lead to Direct X errors?

Yup, it's done it again

Every single day my graphics card has direct x problems and warnings..

Is my graphics card fucked?

Battefield 3 mainly

gtx 780Ti

and it happens randomly



Is there some more specific errormessage? I could imagine that Direct X complains if the memory on your graphicscard is faulty. But you would have more issues in this case, probably.

I remember: There should be some log. Google how to find it and post some pastebin-equivalent here.

All it says from what i can remember is that "driver number blah blah has crashed"

And this is on multiple different drivers too.

Hmm you can find some people with the same issues (with Bf3 and Bf4) via google. I read about two possible fixes:

1) Install DirectX from the BF-Folder (strange fix if you ask me, if this really solves anything than that means that some programmer somewhere has screwed up!)

2) Reduce the clock-rate of the graphicscard. Some people say that this causes an error like you have and that it does not matter if you have overclocked the card yourself or the vendor has done it before he sold the card.

But I think this answers your initial question, if a directX error can be connected to the card. And if you think about it, it does make sense, since the directX stuff is supposed to be somewhat low-level and therefore near to the hardware. Miscommunication and misinterpretation with the hardware can cause softwareerrors.

Hmm, I did google it but it only ended up coming up woth other off topic things :/

Well mine is set to auto OC due to gpu boost 2.0 i'm pretty sure, but if i turn the base down then the max oc would be less I guess.

I'll do some testing now, thanks :)

Good. Meanwhile I will listen to some music inspired by your nickname:

Good choice ;)

I had similar issues with BF3 & BF4, be interesting if you find a cure. Someone told me it was due to overheating but temps were fine.

Yeah, in fact bf4 bottlenecks my PC, it turns itself down to 30fps and my card doesn't run above 50c.