Can a 280mm AIO like the Corsair H110i GT fit in the be quiet! Silent Base 800?

I recently got an h100i GTX, but I'm finding the temperatures a bit too high—43 Celcius idle. I'd like to go for the h110i GT, which is a 280mm. Could a 280mm radiator fit inside the quiet! Silent Base 800?

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43 on idle? are you sure its mounted correctly?

What cpu is it and at what voltage?

It will, but I'd pick up some Noctua NT-H1 and reseat that thing. You did apply the thermal paste via the pea method right?

Yes, tried it several times. Vcore is at 1.280 at 4.4Ghz. Used Artic Silver 5 paste.

May I ask what CPU it is? I have a 5820k and when I pushed 1.3v into it it idled around that. Back off on the voltage a little to like 1.2... If it is Haswell E....

It's the 5930K. It hits 65 C on two cores when playing The Witcher 3. Overall, on load, it goes to 55 C.

Yeah. Sounds like your chip and my chip have similar thermals. You could try setting an adaptive voltage so that when the CPU turbos from base clock to the boost only then will it use 1.3v.

What's your ambient temp?

My ASUS Sabertooth X99 motherboard doesn't seem to like adaptive voltage. It won't boot to windows, if I set it to adaptive when overclocking.

Ambient temperatures are around 20 Celcius.

All in all, I think a 280mm would do a better job. I can even go as high as 4.5Ghz at 1.280, but would feel better with something like the H110i GT. My concern was if it would fit the Silent Base 800.

I would get the Swiftech H240X. It currently owns benchmarks in the 280mm AIO area and is expandable for future upgrades.

The Swiftech H240 Is a great option too. It's just a bit tricky to determine if it fits the case as well as any 280mm, for that matter. Be quiet! should devise a compatibility list.