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Cameras for live streaming on Linux

Two questions …

  1. Anyone using the Canon EOS M50 with Linux to live stream? If so how? I have tried gPhoto. It recognizes the camera, but can’t take a picture or capture video, And how did you get past the 30 minute “hard limit”?

  2. Recommendations for a different camera?

My sad story …

Drove 200 miles ( round trip ) to my authorized Sony dealer to look at and buy a Sony a7 III ( after seeing many people on YouTube, who use (?) and recommend it ). Only to be told that it too had a time “hard limit”. And if I’m going to drop $2000+ on a camera, I’d like to know that it will actually work for my purpose.

So, suggestions? Advice? Should I throw my hands in the air, and run down the street naked?

Thank you in advance!


Are the Logitech webcams completely off the table? They seem to be of acceptable quality for their price. Do you really need a full video production camera?

Buy a Elgato Cam Link for the A7III. This will save you.

I have one.

But the camera shop says that the Sony a7III has a "time “hard limit” for streaming of 30 minutes. Does it fact have that limit? Or can it stream for longer periods of time.

$2000 is a lot to spend on it if it won’t.

Can it in fact stream for 1+ hours?

I have the C920 Pro and the video is … Meh.
The a7III is not “needed” for streaming, but < weird faces and hand jesters >.

Am willing to look at just about anything. But I need to know that it WORKS!
I was “told” that the Canon M50 did. And it doesn’t because of the “hard limit” on recording time. Which makes it useless for streaming with Linux.

I like the camera so it wasn’t a waste of money. Just not for the primary use that I bought it for.

Over HDMI and NOT recording to the card, there is no limit, as long as you use USB power. (You’ll still need a battery inside)

The limit is only for recordings onto the SD card.

Markiplier and Jacksepticeye both use the A7RII and get around the limit by using HDMI, USB power to an AC adapter, and not recording internally.


This helps a lot.

Thank you.

Without a camera on you? What’s the point? :stuck_out_tongue:

The A7III is a great camera for streaming, mainly because of the AF performance. I think the Canon fullframe mirrorless options are still all running in crop mode for 4k and I don’t know where Nikon is up to these days.

If you are ok with setting focus manually and don’t necessarily need the best camera at any cost, something like a used Panasonic G7 will do nicely as well.

Camlink 4K is the cheapest and easiest option to get video into the PC, there are others that have scalers and processing built in but those are usually a good chunk more money.

One question slightly off topic: What is your audio situation like?

I would argue that in resized/shrinked (possibly even cropped) video of you, the value of a very good quality camera diminishes. Unless you have a lot of screen time with just your face on and talking to your audience.

So possibly, keep your camera for now (and your operating cost lower) especially if you are streaming for profit.

Audio-technica 2035 mic and Scarlett Solo Gen. 3 into my computer.
Don’t know how it actually sounds yet. Trying to figure out the video first. If it needs something else ( like a mixer/ect ) I can add it. But that can wait for now. Video first.

My problem is that my current Canon M50 on Linux isn’t working. Haven’t been able to get past the “hard limit” 30 minute time imposed by it. I’m wrestling with gPhoto. It sees the camera just fine, just refuses to take a still or video ( longer then 30 minutes ). So right now it’s not cutting it at all. I like the camera, and plan on keeping and using it. It just isn’t working for it’s intended purpose.

So the need for a different camera. Doesn’t need to be $2000+, it just needs to work.

And I’m not in it for the money. But just because I want to/can.
No viewers?
Don’t care.
No subs?
Don’t care?
No one even knows that I even exist and am streaming?
Well you get the point.

Yeah, the M50 looks like a great camera on paper but it just has all those stupid Canon typical limitations… not even just the ones that are by choice but also because they were so much behind in processing. I had one myself for a short bit and it does some things crazy good, like the dual pixel AF is pure gold. But then it just doesn’t work in 4K and all those other things like that…

Oh yeah, just wanted to make sure you have something proper for audio before spending big on 4K. Audio is always the number one thing. If your video looks 480p but sounds good, people will watch it, if video is MKBHD levels of crisp but sounds like a phone on loudspeaker down the hallway … nobody will watch that.
But yeah, you should be plenty good. :+1:

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Thank you!

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