Camcorder as Webcam

I know of a woman Vblogger -- you know her too -- who's having trouble finding a webcam that works well. Her home office is small and dark, and when she tried to adjust the contrast and color values on her current (not cheap) webcam during her latest YouTube video it was a disaster.


She's thinking of getting a Panasonic HC-X920 and using it for a webcam, among other things, but I've seen some negative reviews of it when it's used that way. Apparently when the screen is flipped 180° so that it can be adjusted from in front of the lens the menu disappears. I suspect that the only way to manage it remotely would be with an Android app.


When using it as a mobile camcorder she thinks she could go straight to Ustream, but I've read that she'd have to go through a Panasonic Lumix Club account, whatever that is.


I wonder what setup(s) Logan and Wendell use for The Tek, and I wonder if anybody at all has some suggestions.



I believe that at least Logan uses some sort of DSLR with a capture card. This is likely the best setup since the capture card will work with any camera with an HDMI output.



Im using a blackmagic intensity pro card to capture HDMI from my GH2.

I've only used it in wirecast, where it works great.

Tek Syndicate does something similar.

For simple vblog youtube videos you can just record with the camcorder and edit it (its how logan does his hardware reviews, only he uses GH4).