Call of Duty Warzone on Linux

Hello there! I need some help with Call of Duty Warzone,I am running wine on a linux mint 19.3 Cinnamon OS and i tried to make the game running! Battle net works fine,the game installed but when i press launch it does not really work and i searched pretty much around but no help found. CoD Warzone is my favorite game and i want to play it someone please help me!
PC Specs:
Processor Intel© Xeon© CPU E3-1220 V2 @ 3.10GHz × 4
Memory 15.6 GiB
Hard Drive 1921.8 GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA Corporation GF106GL [Quadro 2000]

Multiplayer online competitive games (particularly the FPS ones are not Linux friendly because of its Anti Cheat system automatically flagging Wine as cheat engine of sorts.

Dont try to circumvent or force it to run, because you might be banned for “cheating”.

I’ll help you out!

Install windows.

End of headache.

As of right now there is no work around for it. However, whenever i am on, i just use virtmanager w/ iommu setup on manjaro. If you have a good spare gpu, its a great option. But it looks like you are using a win box :frowning:

Hey there can u show me ur setup or at least explain me how to do please.

Setup kvm/qemu
that is for debian base. I use arch so its different.

if you go w/ manjaro someone actually created a script. for iommu. but you need to do research on your motherboard. which there are threads and videos level1 and chris titus tech have created.

You should take a few days and really understand whats going on and read over articles.

It is not very nice that CoD Warzone does not have Linux support because like this they throw away a bunch of people who’d like to play very much! This is not fun anymore people should start thinking that linux players have the right for fun and gaming as well.

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That´s true. I use Linux …