Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Hey, I did a review of Call of Duty Ghosts. It's a review of the Xbox 360 version of the game, but aside from the better graphics, everything is pretty much the same on PC as well. Dedicated servers would definitely make the matchmaking better and more fair.


Check it out, peoples.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts so far for me has been the best COD i have played of course that's so far but i absolutely LOVED the campaign but i cant believe the ending, i just started getting into the multiplayer but the community on PC isn't that big so im stuck with playing team deathmatch but that's ok.

That ending was actually the best ending I've seen in a Call of Duty game ever. The fact that the story did Homefront better than Homefront was enough to make me put my controller down, but that ending was the best of the series. 

Copypasta ending from Modern Warfare 2 = best ending

so that is how it works.

What? They copied the ending of mw2 to the first mission of ghosts, Ghosts had a complete different ending than MW2 did.

There's a 1 in there..

Pc user review score - 1.7

Ps3 user review score - 1.8

xbox 360 user score - 2.1

And then some how it got 75 out of 100 from reviewers. Paid off much?

CoD 4 is the only one anyone should be playing at this point.

And World at War, them modded zombies be fun... yo.

It looks like it's cool to hate cod now. I'm more of a counter strike fan myself anyway.

cod4 > everything :3

Cool to hate CoD now? Most people I know have hated CoD since anything after 4. It's only logical to hate the same rehashed garbage, $60 map pack, DLC mania ridden bullshit that they keep pumping out each year to just reap money from the pockets of parents to shut up their spoiled 12yr brats.

Thank you lol.

Well, Battlefield started putting map packs into their games, charging $15 each, same as CoD. Battlefield 4 is pretty indistinguishable compared to Battlefield 3, apart from the graphics on PC and Next-gen. I see just as many 12 year olds on Battlefield as I do on Ghosts. And both of them have mediocre storylines.


People just hate CoD because they are an annual game. EA put out a shooter every year, just the names were different. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Warfighter was terrible on purpose to make BF4 more enjoyable. And I'll bet you after Titanfall hits, they'll release a new one every two years, alternating between it and Battlefield. The only difference between the two is the map size, vehicles, and graphics. They're both run and gun shooters, though if you play online in any close quarters maps on both, they're more like sit and squat campfests. 

Still the only one I play.

Cool to hate CoD now? Most people I know have hated CoD since anything after 4

Yes, and for some reason people are defending a horrible game/games. Every COD game Infinite Ward has made after 4 has felt like a downgrade and every time, they make it obvious they don't care about PC gamers anymore. Only Treyarch seems to come through. Also, since we're on the subject of COD and Battlefiled, I'm not even interested in Battlefield anymore because of it's premium BS and DLC that eventually makes the total game add up to $100+. Even though PlantSide 2 doesn't have much content right now, I enjoy that immensely more than BF 3 & 4, due to the size the battles can get and unless there's going to be a sequel to 2142, I'll never go back to BF.

Both games need to go into new directions, especially COD. They can start by getting rid of their ancient engine. With the horrible performance of Ghosts I can only assume that all the crap they've added onto the IW engine is starting to take its toll. It's basically the same engine they've used since the second game. Not to mention it was based off of id Tech 3.

EDIT: Also, this is why I'm looking forward to Titanfall. It seems like the direction that COD would/should have gone in if developers from Infinity Ward didn't leave and/or get fired. Nearly 80% of their employees left to form Respawn Entertainment.

If you've played BF3 and BF4, you would know how large of an upgrade that the game truly is.  This isn't a Battlefield vs CoD thread though.

My opinion, i don't see anything wrong with Call Of Duty. I really enjoy the stories and of course i enjoy the multiplayer, who cares if its basically the same every year, too me it seems like a new experience every year because in fact they are different. If you play the game for the graphics then don't and go play crysis 3 or something because i sure hope no Call Of Duty game ever looks like crysis. I love the feel of Call of Duty games and i can definitely tell a difference from MW3 to Ghosts .The ending to ghosts confused me a lot and i really wish it didn't end like that and for whoever haven't played Ghosts you should definitely give it a shot and you never know you might like it.

More like users aren't rating the game fairly even though it might not have any innovation and be the same game as the rest of the series it sure as hell isn't a 1/10 game.

who cares if its basically the same every year...because in fact they are different

Does not compute.

And yes, I'm sure I do know I will never like it, because I've hated COD ever since I blindly bought MW2, and have since become sick of FPS about modern wars. Also, I never enjoy poor PC ports. The only ones I'd probably slightly enjoy are Black Ops 1 & 2.