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Call of Cthulhu


So we have a fair number of people who played DnD, but is there anyone here who has ventured towards other forms of tabletop roleplaying, namely Chaosium’s The Call of Cthulhu?

For those who don’t know, and may be interested, the overall premise is very similar to DnD, but with some key differences - the biggest being that the dice-rolling system is based off of a percentile system (“D%”), instead of D20, which has a number of implications. In presentation, the game is most focused on roleplay and character actions and reactions to events, rather than trying to progress your character while, hopefully, progressing through a story-arc. Sanity is a thing, and an actual stat, and the loss of sanity is something you have to be careful about, with things such as seeing someone die or be murdered causing the loss of sanity. (And it is the same for casting spells or witnesses other paranormal events.)

So, in short, it is for people who may want to take the game a bit more seriously, or for people who just want something different from your usual game of roll-dice-do-things.



its a fun game but in the end you lose. there is no winning in call of cthulhu its just a question of how long before you die.



This is actually a a decent assessment of how games can often go, and it is times like that when one needs to reminds himself, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

To be fair, though, one could describe your standard fair of DnD as power escapism for murder-hobos that the DM hopes to guide through a story. Success is optional, as long as people gain things and increase numbers.

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I played the call of cthulu super mario world hack once :u

Twas purty gud



To clarify, do you mean you played in a CoC game that was Super Mario-themed, or do you mean you played a Super Mario game that was CoC-themed?

I mean, both sound amazing, so it doesn’t really matter, but one is certainly not the other.



It was a rom hack xD

Of a mario game

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Just picked up the Call of Cthulhu game.

This lighthouse foreshadows the looming doom over my character.



One of the few games ever to induce motion sickness for me, which was a shame. Hope you’re having fun with it.



I didn’t play this game before but I heard about it, let me complete the previous series.



What are those game?



I’ve now beaten it; I understand what you mean. There is something off-putting about how the “camera” moves when you are moving around the mouse. I say camera because it does feel like you’re pivoting around a camera as you’re looking, because there is a slight shift in your perspective and point of view; not just simply moving your LOS around. Very hard to explain, and I wonder if it was a purposeful design choice, because it gives movement the feel of being more in a simulator than a first person shooter.