Cables and Drivers

so im getting ready to build my  first desktop in about a month and i was just wondering what cables i should use to connect my GPU (the HIS iceq 7870) to my moniter, also are there any cables i need to buy or do they all come with the part itself.

and finally to the drivers, i've heard logan talk about not using the stock drivers, but i dont know which drivers i should be using or where I should get them.

any help on this stuff would rock my goddamn socks off. thanks.

Generally GPU's do not come with cables

they do, however, come with cable converters.

If you specify what ports your monitor has, i can help more.


As for the drivers

Just got the AMD website, go to drivers and it will ask you what GPU you have

Input your data, and it will give you a page with the latest drivers

(dont get the beta ones)

Catalyst 13.4 is stable as heck right now and works great for every game i've thrown at it.


Let me know if you need some specific links

i shouldnt need any specific links, and as far as cables i was just wondering the ranking of HDMI DVI and Mini DisplayPort went

HDMI is, for whatever reason, pretty shit for PC's

Not sure as to why

Just stick with Mini DisplayPort

DVI is good too

but for some reason i just prefer Mini DP

There's not a huge difference.


thanks. if it were legal i would buy you a beer.

No problem, sir. Enjoy the new build