Cable Mod Vertical PCIe Bracket, need some help!


I just want to ask if anyone has used this Vertical PCIe Bracket by CableMod. What I need to know is the following. When I install an RX 5700 XT stock blower video card how many space is there in the back? Meaning, from the back plate of the video card to the motherboard?

I need to know this because I installed an after market video card cooler that not only has 3 fans and heat sink in the front of the video card but also an aluminum heat sink on the back of the video card. This heat sink on the back of the video card prevents me form installing my video card in the first PCIe slot. This heat sink is just to thick and interferes with my Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU cooler. I have a Thermaltake The Tower 900 with an, excuse me for my words, very sick air cool setup that involves 18 fans. I have the room to install this Cable Mod Vertical PCIe Bracket but only need to know what the space is from the back plate to the motherboard. Knowing this in cm or inches I can measure if it will fit my setup and after market video card cooler.

Just for reference :

After Market Video Card Cooler :

PCIe Vertical Bracket :

As always many thanks in advance.

Email cablemod about this. They should know, or be able to find out.

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I did this already but still no response from them…


Cable Mod have responded to my support request.
And guess what?

My question was, how many space in cm or inches is there in the back of the bracket. Meaning, after installing a stock video card on to the bracket, measured from the back plate of the video card to the motherboard?

Response by Cable Mod.

Hey Marco,

Unfortunately we don’t have this measurement on hand because it would change depending on which GPU is being used, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,


CableMod Support

??? Does this matter?
The thickness of the video card, single slot, dual slot and triple slot has nothing do to with the back plate but is measured towards the heat sink and fans.
98% of all video cards have the same thickness back plate, the thickness of the video card can change towards the fans.
So why can they not give me just a simple number in cm or inches from the back plate to the motherboard?

Great, thanks Cable Mod.

Yeah even a from the PCB which will be the same on all cards would have helped.

I say try again with more prompting and maybe a picture of what you want measured. You probably explained why you wanted that measurement before to them, it might have confused things.