Cable internet dead, mobile connection basically dead

sorry i have no idea what topic to tags to use, tldr my cable internet died, and i get on mobile and everything is acting weird. i cant access 90% of the web

xfinity isp, version cellular

could be nothing but im curious if anyone is having similar issues its spooky

Any storms in the area? You try running through a VPN? If there was a major outage on comcast and a ton more traffic was put on the cellular network could easily explain why its acting weird.

no storms, cant connect to vpn.

brother lives in same area he has no issues

i think i am just paranoid at 4am

By which I mean, if you are tired, it is probably more stress than its worth, get some sleep and try it again with a fresh head tomorrow. If it is still not right then, give them call and see what’s up.

Unless it is one of these crazy things where one user on you block is downloading all of steam and the ISP is throttling everyone because that is fair.

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Agreed. Go get some sleep, reset the router/modem in the morning and see what happens. Take it from there :wink:

night night :yawning_face:

i make too many jokes about hillary clinton to my parents google home to sleep easy regardless, but everything seems to be back online for me now.

will delete thread on pc later sorry for wasting time

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