C++ For Game Dev?

Hey guys, so I picked up a book the other day titled Beginning C++ Game Programming. I've been running through it and I'm already at Chapter 3 (for loops, strings, and arrays)

However, after skimming through the book, I noticed that it only deals with console programs. It has nothing about making a character show up on screen, making it move, taking damage, etc.

So my question is, what book (prefferred) or tutorials do you recommend I check out when I'm done with the book? I intend to one day operate within a AAA game development team (such as Irrational Games or DICE).

What do you recommend I learn that isn't covered in the book? [Pastebin of the book's chapters/Summary of chapters]

Thank you in advance, Tek Community.

- Fyre 

Before you begin game development, I'd learn more about C++ itself. However, when you do, you are going to want to invest your time in OpenGL and SDL. I am currently making a game, of which the specifics, I am not going to say, in C++11 on Linux, using GL and SDL, and it is going rather well. I learned a lot from O Reilly books and Sams Teach Yourself books, as well as a lot from "thecplusplusguy", on youtube.


I haven't seen much of the book but iirc it get's into GUI a little bit. Learn console. Learn it again. Master it. Once you get that, GUI prorgamming will come so much easier than just jumping into it now. Learn from my mistake. 

Thanks Brennan and Sapslaj. I didn't plan on quitting the book and jumping into sprites. I was just wondering what other books/tutorials you would recommend once I finish the book.

Also, Brennan, I have a copy of Sams Teach Yourself C++ In One Hour A Day book. I haven't cracked that one open as it came in later than the C++ Game Dev book, so I'm currently sitting in this one. Once I finish this book and am sure that I know it, I'll move onto the Sams book. Once I'm done with that, I'll check out Open GL and SDL.

Thanks, mates.

I've been learning C++ now for 4 years with the goal of making games for a living one day and I have to kinda agree with brennan and sapslaj. Just keep learning C++. When you have a moderate knowledge of it, using graphics libraries and the likes is a lot easier.

Once you've done that, and want to learn say 2D, you could read LazyFoo's tutorials to SDL, and when you go to 3D, I would suggest using Unity (very beginner friendly community and difficulty) and reading its script reference.

All good libraries have proper documentation online. That combined with some googling to find out specific tricks is a good way to learn the basics.


You are taking the hard road with c++, but it pays off in the end. Keep learning C++ if you must. If you want a quick start on opengl use an established library or an SDK.

But regarding c++ itself, check out Alexandrescu books and papers. Its sooo helpful in learning good habits early on.



Aside from c++ I am applying what I've learned from these two to other languages as well.

You say I'm taking the hard road, but everything I've learned so far comes fairly naturally. I've learned about:

Types, Variables, and Standard I/O;

Truth (true/false bools), Branching, and the Game Loop;

And am now learning about For Loops, Strings, and Arrays.

You are about to hit a point where you realize that there is sooo much more to C++. At your level, I'd start pointers, dynamic memory allocation (very important for game dev), and data structures, after you get loops, strings, arrays, etc. done.

After you have what Brennan has recommended, I would start to look at OpenGL since it is quite useful when it comes to hardware acceleration. Using GLUT will make your life a lot easier when it comes to using OpenGL.

About to start with the Standard Template Library. I'll be sure to check out data structures, since the book doesn't cover them.