C++ compiler in Ubuntu Linux

I use Code::blocks in my Windows 8 partition, but I am less than pleased with its user interface. Are there any built-in compilers in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, or would I need to download one in the software center? If it is the latter, which would you recommend?

Any opinions on DevCPP?

gcc is the default compiler, clang is used sometimes, too.

On linux it makes sense to use your own toolchain. For example, I use gcc as compiler, cmake as build system, gdb as debugger, clang as static analyzer, valgrind as memory profiler and gedit as my editor.

If you prefere an IDE, there is also Eclipse. But honestly... UNIX is an IDE.

Well, I'd certainly prefer an IDE. Are there any alternatives to Eclipse that I should know about?


You should get as far away from an IDE as possible. Wickedwig has it pretty close to perfect; I, however, prefer Sublime Text II to Gedit in every possible way. Just personal preference on the text-editor side.

Use G++, man; it's far more up-to-date with C++11 standards, and is updated incredibly quickly. If you're learning C++, you better start to learn how to compile via the terminal.

like several people mentioned, G++, and try Eclipse.  It's more designed for Java, and written in Java, but on the website there's a C++ version.  When I'm not on Windows, Eclipse is the second best (I really like Visual Studio, but that's just me)

Okay, I've tried Eclpise, and installed CDT main, but it tells me that it cannot launch the "hello world" program that comes as standard with CDt. It also doesn't recognize <iostream>, STD, or even cout