Bypass Dell Latitude E6430 Admin Password

I have a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop which has a Dell UEFI Admin Password. I'm not the original owner, I've already tried removing the CMOS battery etc. etc.

Is there anyway to bypass or reset the Dell Admin Password without calling dell who wont help as the laptop is from 2012 and I'm not the original owner.

There used to be a program that allowed you to calculate the default Master password. However the online resource appears to no longer be available.

I do not believe that the Dell laptops have the necessary jumper on the board to clear the password either. (The optiplex desktops do have a specific jumper for this)

The only way really is to call Dell, all you need is the Service Tag (usually on the bottom of the machine) and the Express Service Code. They will allow you to transfer the registration to a new owner from just that.