Buzzing in my head phones

so i have a set of Turtle beach x12 headset and when i had my asus v gene mobo i didnt notice the buzzing/whispering in my headset now i have a asrock fm2a88x ex 4+ and i notice it so annoying that i went out and bought a sound blaster z sound card and it still does it??? what gives is it just crappy head phones or what??

Such waste....

Headsets like Turtle Beaches come with USB connectors, those bypass any sort of sound hardware your computer has onboard or in a soundcard, just like a USB DAC would.  Your purchase I believe is absolutely useless in eliminating the noise so unless you have another problem with onboard, I suggest returning it if you can.

If I were you, I'd just ditch the headset, headsets are horrible and should die in a fire.

I recommend getting headphones with a 3.5mm jack to directly plug into your sound card. 

well they turtle beaches i have use usb for power and 3.5 for sound...... the end goal is for me to get good speakers and use the mic that came with the sound card since using them in combo will cut out the sound from the computer so people wont hear my games or music while chattting but was just wondering why i got the static and i guess its from using the usb...... so i just testing and i used the usb thing for my phone and pluged the usb in to the wall to power them and the buzzing from like when i move/click the mouse is gone obviously but i can still hear the "whispering" but all well soon i will have new speakers just have to find out what ones :/