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Buying server HW, is this good for the price?


I’m new here, but I think I’m gonna stay a while.
So, as the topic title refers to. I’m buying a server to learn IT, Networking, get to know what multi-socket processing is like and how it can all scale when adding components. I want to build something that is able to render 3d models from various programs and is in time “easily” scalable. I found this 2U server but am unsure if it’s a right fit for a beginner. The price seems very cheap, and since I’m gonna need to buy networking equipment, I thought it would be good.
If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m an open book. Have an awesome day, and thank you!


I don’t know german, but it seems like it doesn’t have any ram installed, so you need to buy it yourself. other than that it seems like an amazing price. The cpu launched in 2015, and the recommended price is 2.5 thousand dollars.

Probably too good to be true, so make sure the seller is trustworthy, and that the hardware is in good condition(ie: don’t buy hardware marked as scrap for pieces)


Get an 8port switch and 5 or 6 raspberry pis and use blender as a starting point (you can find youtube videos on that exact same setup).

Most of the time you just need a text editor, having expensive hardware until you actually really need it is a waste of money.


Seems too cheap to be legit…


If thats real thats a wonderful machine to learn on!


I’m at work, so replies are sporadic.

The store is legit. I bought most of the components in my current PC a few years ago from this store and had a lovely experience.
I don’t however know the details of this particular chassis and what it contains. If I go down this route I’ll be sure to call them and get more information about what’s what.
I always wanted to buy a raspberry, but never got around to it. A batch of those would also be a good exercise in connecting and making them work with one another. And I realize that the RPI is a hell of a device but I don’t really know what to do with them in the long run. Also, I feel that 60€ really isn’t that expensive. As I don’t intend to populate it with more cpus yet, I think that cooling won’t be a problem. And I fully intend to wait for the RAM prices to drop more before buying into it.


For the price, it is a little too good to be true.

The cheapest functionall used servers from Gekko-Computer are arround the 200€ mark.


@MCVET if this is actually legit, that’d be a fricken good deal.

Can you try and get me two of those CPUs please?
I’m from Germany, so shipping isn’t a problem : )


As suspected, something was afoot!
I called them this morning and told the seller that they’re selling a server for 60€. He said “where? I’m a buy one too!” But no. The price was for some other product. A SAS cable I think haha.
Anyway, yeah. I’ma go with a few raspberries and a switch, I guess. Even though they’re more expensive than in the US. Does the power adapter come with the RPI?


Alas, It was too good to be true! :smiley:


Damn. Well, no scam at least : )