Buying new case.. help

im looking to find a case to house a asrock 990fx extreme 3 and a radeon r9 270 and possibly another 270 down the road.. not really looking to spend over 50$

bitfenix merc alpha

Best budget case imho on the block - lacks front usb3 but thats no biggie. Has good airflow, makes for a real tidy build, fits anything within reason.

Thank you, it looks good i think i might order this soon. thanks again!

You can also go with the Corsair Carbide 200R

Maybe you'll find it at a discount, I found it sold cheaper than that in Europe. Be warned though, the hard drive cage is made of plastic (even if the pictures might tell another story) and if you fill it with hard drives it will trap heat.

It's a metal (Or Plastic) box, don't overthink it too much. Just check to see things like clearance above the CPU and what length vido cards etc, etc, and whatever has a good price and good reviews is a winner.