Buying Keys on Reddit?

I figured someone here, if not a lot of people have some experience with buying keys through the softwareswap. I'm just curious if anyone has an advice on preferred sellers, or if you've been totally ripped off let me know what to avoid.

I like to warn you for mallicious key sales online.
There is a big risk of getting scammed.
We do not allow any key sales of any kind on our Forum.
Nor do we allow linking to any of those mallicious sellers.


As with all things reddit, I'm leery in general. Especially when it comes to "linking" to anything there. So far I've gotten a couple of "yeah, I've used them a few times no problems." and a few "I wouldn't risk it".

What about G2A? I've actually used them for steam codes in the past and had no troubles at all.

Part of me wonders about the provenance of keys from places like this.

Why would you buy Windows for personal use? Use an activator and save the money...

If you're interested look into KMSpico or Microsoft toolkit, they are the easiest and most reliable. I've been activating all my copies of windows and office this way for years, saved bank

I just bought a legit key from eBay for my gf's brother for about $18; I was going to use Reddit but it made me uncomfortable that some sellers only take bitcoin so it was a pain the butt to convert money for a $20 key.

I used to do the activator stuff too but it sucked to always have to worry about if this update is going to undo the registry changes that the activators do. I've also had a positive experience from G2A as well but they don't sell cheap keys very often. My advice is to use eBay because they give you buyer protection.