Buying GF's Christmas presents

So I'm trying to get my girlfriend into listening to better audio, and trying to steer her away from the headphones such as beats, skull candy, etc... and I ended up buying her the (Audio Technica ATH-T400 Closed edition) as entry level headphones. Did I make the right choice? 

They aren't bad. She may not like them though, at first at least, if she is used to the Beats sound signature. If she doesn't maybe try a pair of Sennheisers instead. I find there headphones have a bit more low end punch, similar to Beats, but not overpowering and loose.

I own a pair of VMODA LP2s, and I thought they were rather bass heavy, but they might as well be tweeters compared to Beats.

(Disregard the ATH M50x, I was just curious about them)