Buying All the PC parts together or is it fine to buy seperately

My friend keeps telling me to buy all the parts for a PC all at once due to possible DOA. Should I wait to buy it all or could I buy it separately when i have the money? 

Buy all the parts at once or buy enough of the parts at once to the point where you can get the system running. the last thing you want is a dead part or a computer part that isn't working properly just to lose your warranty on the product and have to buy a whole new item. but some things like computer cases can be bought first and not need the other parts with it because to see if it's all functional it doesn't need to be turned on with the whole system.

Okay... So the case can be bought by itself, but everything inside should be bought together so they dont die? Also, how would you see if a case is functional or not? just seeing if its dented or not and things like that?


Parts won't die from just sitting around, but if one is DOA you want to know as soon as possible. So long as they are ordered within a reasonable time frame, say two weeks you can order them in bits and pieces. 

yes, the case can be seen if it's good or bad (if it has dents, has a broken ssd or hdd cage, or even if the front just falls off or something), but if you buy components months apart, you may never know if that component is good or bad because you can't test it until you have the rest to build it, and by then you may find out your motherboard is dead way after it's usual 30 day return policy for computer parts you purchase.

Okay... Can a case be DOA or no?

no, it serve no computing performance to a computer, except when the case has things like a built in fan controller, it may need to be ordered with the other components if it has things you are looking forward to using when the system is on if it's a part of the case, but otherwise it should be fine on arrival.

By buying separately I assume you mean say buy a cpu now, then in a months time buy the motherboard (from another vendor), then later on the ram and gpu so forth. Yeah???

If so then dont.

Buy all at once Unless you urgently need at least the bare bones build - (cpu, mb, ram, psu, case, hdd) to get things going for awhile until you can afford the nice gpu.

Its always best to buy all your parts at once that way you wont have parts sitting in their boxes eating into their warranty and (7 day DOA policy if there is one in place). Also tech changes so quick - if say you buy a gtx 760 now for say $200, in 4 months time when you have the rest of the parts to build the pc that same card could very well be $150 or less.

Okay... Thanks for the help.

Okay... Thanks for the help.

This type of thing would work very well if you were to buy an intel or amd processor with integrated graphics but the AMD FX line does not have integrated graphics which means the system would not run without having a video card with it.

So if a part of a PC was DOA... How would I send it back?