Buying a TV/Large Monitor in Taipei?


I’m getting settled into an apartment in Taipei, and I’m tired of computing on my 15.6" laptop’s display and I’m also tired of watching shows in bed on my ~12" Chromebook. I’m in a studio apartment, and so the way things are laid out, I can basically use a (suitable) ~43" TV as a computer monitor, and also use it for watching media/playing games from my bed (which will double as my “couch.”

Thing is, there’s lots of cheaper local brands that I could opt for, but it’s hard to get proper information on them since pretty much everything about them is in Chinese. Today I went to a fairly foreigner-friendly supermarket called Carrefour (French chain) and noted all the potential candidates’ model numbers and prices. I’m going to try doing some online shopping tonight, but here’s where I’m at so far:

  • I noticed Carrefour carrying the following TV brands: BenQ, Chimei, Philips, Ranso, Sharp, Tatung, TCL. But none of those brands had ~40" to ~50" TVs on display that were 4K

  • The brands that did have 4K TVs in the size range I’m looking at were: Heran, LG, Samsung, Sansui, Teco.

  • My attempt at due diligence and educated shopping has currently gotten this far, “Value” is price (NTD) divided by the TV’s rating (RTINGS’ score, their gaming score, and their PC monitor score all averaged), so a lower score is technically better. In case you were wondering, NTD is almost exactly $30-to-$1 compared to USD, which I’m from the US.

  • I can’t find any good information on the Heran, Sansui, or Teco TVs.

  • I don’t see any good information on the exact LG TVs that I’ve seen listed, by their model numbers. The 43UK6320 seems related to the 6300 family, but RTINGS doesn’t mention it. No leads on the 49UJ656T.

  • With the information I have, UA43NU7100 from Samsung is probably the best buy, but supposedly I could end up with an IPS panel instead of a VA panel and RTINGS doesn’t do a good job of explaining how different that is from the unit they reviewed. I also don’t like that RTINGS typically only looks at one model for their review. (In this case 55", I think?)

  • 49NU7100 from Samsung might be a safer bet, since RTINGS hasn’t had anyone mention varied panels for that model? I didn’t see a price listed for that unit, though.

  • UA50NU7099 is a weird model number for Samsung, and I’m concerned it’s a lower-spec version of the 7100.

There are a few other chain stores I can check for their selection and pricing, and I’m going to take a gander at Guanghua Digital Plaza and its surrounding areas. Last time I was there, things seemed generally more expensive than in the States, though.

As far as online shopping, Amazon technically does ship certain items here, and I do have a month left of Amazon Prime. I’m not sure how ebay works here, and I would definitely consider opting for something like Wasabi Mango/Crossover “Korean Knockoff” monitors.

The real goal is to get a comfortably usable ~40-50" monitor that can double as a TV for my bed that’s across the room in my studio apartment. I want 4K since the pixel density on such a large screen will be low, and I want a low input latency, less than 20ms. Preferably 10ms or below (but I know that’s rare in TVs). Good performance as a computer monitor is most important, comfortable gaming experience is second, and good for watching movies/TV comes last. I’d say my budget tops out around $600 USD, so $20,000 NTD.

Freesync/GSync support would be nice, but given that my laptop has an NVIDIA card, it can only do adaptive Sync over DisplayPort, and most TVs don’t have a DisplayPort in.

Any advice or input? Any ideas for getting better info about the local brands and their options?



I’m from Taipei.*(excuse me for my bad English)
For TV service. we don’t have “cable” in Taipei anymore.
The service will came with a small box with a simple HDMI output.
IMO There is no point to get a TV just get a monitor.

For online shopping do you try PChome?
If you’re in Taipei they deliver in 24 hours.
PChome 40inch↑ monitor
PChome 40-49 inch TV

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I’m not opposed to buying a monitor, it’s just that monitors tend to be a lot more expensive. (They do also tend to be better.)

It’s hard for me to navigate the Chinese version of PCHome’s site, and on the English/“Global” version I was looking at, I couldn’t find any monitors or TVs on there. Is there a way to switch the version of PCHome you linked me to to English?

But, yeah, I got the free MOD service with Chunghwa Telecom and the tech left me a box for it. I don’t have anything to hook it up to right now.

I found no way to switch to English…
and Google translate may not work…
A lot of text were image…

This one, from one of your searches, seems like a decent option, but I can’t really find any information about it. I don’t see any English model number, but this Australian guy seems to be reviewing the same TV. And, it looks like Tech Deals looked at it, too?

it’s BDM4350UC
yep. it’s the same monitor.

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Also the deal ends on Monday 10AM

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Yikes! Do you know if it’s returning to 9999 or back to the list price? There’s another listing of the same monitor at 9999 instead of 8888.

The only thing holding me back right now is that I can’t find any review commenting on whether it does chroma subsampling. It’s really common for cheaper 4K devices to run at 4:2:2 or 4:4:2 instead of 4:4:4 “actual” 4K. It would also be nice to see folks actually testing the input latency, but this monitor seems a few years old and I guess reviewers didn’t pay much attention to that then?

Ah, this review measured input latency:

“A sensitive camera and a small tool called SMTT 2.0 was used to measure input lag for the BDM4350UC. The monitor was compared to various screens of known latency, taking over 30 repeat readings to maximise accuracy. Using this method, we calculated 27.86ms (over 1.5 frames) of input lag . This value is influenced both by the signal delay (element you ‘feel’) and pixel responsiveness (element you ‘see’). It indicates a moderately high signal delay, which may be troublesome for some gamers but will be fine for others. Note that changing ‘SmartImage’ to ‘Game’ has no effect on this as it is purely a colour preset which does not alter pixel responsiveness or signal delay.”

It’s got more than double the input latency of some of the newer TVs. :frowning:

Wow… That’s why it’s cheap
(and it going back to 19800 after the deal WTF )

For most people, it looks like a pretty great deal! But it would be (a little) slow if you wanted to play twitch games.

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