Buying a new monitor

Hey guys

I'm interested in buying a new monitor. Now, here is the problem. I'm clueless about what should I be looking for, but I'm sure you guys will name and explain the things that separate good monitors from bad ones. 

Or... if you cloud name a few monitors that would fit my needs and budget.

I'm all about quality over response time (two things that I noticed people ask for when giving advice) as long as that response time is under 15-20 ms (God! Is there a monitor with bigger response time?). 

Oh, and I would like it to be 1920 x 1080, and its size doesn't matter, but... you know... bigger is better... 

Oh, and my budget is around 200$ (0$-220$)


I was in the same position as you a while back. I watched this video and it helped out a lot. 

I saw that video but I'm still unfamiliar with the market