Buying a new laptop

I have no idea if this is the right place for this question, but I'm planning on buying a new laptop soon with the express purpose of installing Linux on it.  Is it possible to buy a laptop somewhere and save some money but getting it without an OS?

I dont think you will find many if any laptops with no os as most manufactures wouldnt be able to put bloat ware on it ;P  If it helps more and more laptops these days come with ubuntu but they are still very rare compared to windows. If you google "laptop without os" you might get something but watch out for used and broken laptops. 

It depends on where you live. In GER you can buy laptops at and specifically search for one without an OS. I did that because i get a free Win licence from my uni.

MSI laptops are usually great value for money especially if you do a bit of gaming or like a dedicated graphics card. Watch out for their cooling though, some of them get a bit hot