Buying a new gaming PC/setup

Hi everyone I am looking to buy a full setup that includes a keyboard mouse monitor and OS for 800$ canadian. I am looking to be able to play games such as battlefield 1 no man's sky fallout 4 GTA V (with mods) and some other newly released games at at least 1080p with 60 fps. Here is what I have so far feed back is appreciated

I think that's the best your money can get you at the moment. Great job with the build, will give you good results.

P.S. if you can find a 285 for cheaper I would go for that, it's the same as a 380 but slightly lower clocked.

Thank you and also do you think this build will run newer games good or no

It will, but don't expect to crank the details too high to play at good framerates (40-60fps). Keep your expectation where they should be. You won't chew on games at 1080p, but you'll do fine.

Once again thank you and I will probably stick to 720p

You can venture in 1080p for sure, but you'll need to fiddle a bit with graphics settings to find the right ones to keep those 60fps going.

140 for a 21.5 inch monitor is a lot. And 27 inches is really nice.

Well it's Canada everything is much more expensive here

Monitor :
75Hz Freesync. As long as the framerate is over 40 you will have smooth gameplay.
That's it...that's all I have. The keyboard is amazingly good. As someone, who have used only cheap membrane rubber dome crap keyboards, this one is amazingly comfortable.
PS: 600W are a bit too much. The system will eat less than 350W, so you can easily get away with 450W, 500 just in case...
OK, I know it's a budget system, but try and include an SSD in it. Even second hand 60/64 GB for the OS and nothing else.

Literally the only issue i can see is the monitor.. and @psycho_666 solved that dilemma. Good starter kb/m combo, good gpu, nice cpu, mobo isn't overkill, psu is a little overkill but it should serve you well into the future. Only upgrade I can think of is to get a cheap(ish) SSD for your os when you can afford it. All in all it looks like you did your homework s(^_^)-b

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If you can manage it I would opt to get the 4gb 380 or even the 4go 480... a lot of games use more than 2gb at 1080 these days

This... I missed it looking at it the first time. Yeah 4gb is much better... that gpu is fairly wasted with only 2gb imo because it has the horsepower but you need to make sure it has the gas tank to go the distance.

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Exactly. Games like GTA and other modern titles can't be maxed out with 2gb you'll get stuttering and sometimes on rare occasion it can crash if the game is coded poorly and runs out. (GTA likes to crash when it's out of vram)

What you have so far seems good, but i personally have had problems with that particular motherboard in the past. I would suggest maybe getting a b150 motherboard from gigabyte, because of the decent price and the added pcie lanes. good luck!

From all the feedback I received this is the best I can get for a bit over my price limit thank you all for the help

Also do you know where I can get windows for cheap

Paul from Paul's Hardware has good things to say about (I don't have personal experience but I trust Paul's judgment)

I looked up the site and I found that people say the keys don't work and I did a bit more research and found a site called playasia that also sells Windows for cheap and people say it is legit I am wondering if you have experience with either site