Buying a Gaming Laptop Bag Has Never Been More Furstrating !_!

Hello Everybody,

I need some help looking for a backpack that can fit my Battalion P870DM Pro Gaming Laptop {clevo} .

I ordered a backpack from a website but the laptop doesn't fit, and now i have to send it back.
The laptop screen is 17.3" and measures 17"Lx12"Wx1.80"H.
I would like to know if anyone out there knows of a decent backpack.
I would like to have it TSA Friendly/ Scan Fast/ Checkpoint Friendly.

go to a military surplus store. they'll have dozens of backpacks if not hundreds cheap. i spent years looking for a good one that can survive what i do to them and hold all my stuff before i went to the surplus store.

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Thanks for the info. ill check them out.

I've had an Asus Nomad for a couple years now and there's not even a scratch on it. It was made for the 17.3" bulky Asus gaming laptops, so it should also fit yours.

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Nice looking backpack. Thanks for the info. about to read some more reviews