Buying a BRIX Gaming AMD or Intel/nVidia

So it's not technically building, if it's the wrong category please move it.

this is my first post!


So I'm in japan, and I have a Retina display with an OSCAR adapter coming real soon.

looking into making a tiny desktop I can easily take home with me at the  end of march next year, and these BRIX devices caught my eye.

Now a review I found showed Bioshock Infinite got 30 fps on the AMD one, and 23 fps on the Intel/nVidia device.

however I could not make sure it was under identical settings.

and other reviews especially on the AMD model is few, the iris pro is more common result even when searching google for brix gaming amd. sigh.


the games I'm interested in playing right now is Minecraft with mods, and Diablo 3.

currently I have a laptop Lenovo e531, Intel i5 cpu and nvidia gt 740m. it plays Diablo 3 satisfyingly but I don't like the feeling of playing on laptops and it doesn't have displayport out, only hdmi.

All help appreciated!


Well there is the one Brix with the i5 and the 760. Linus tested that one and he couldn't recommend it at all. He said it was so loud and worse was the thermal throttling problems. Despite the 760 inside it hardly got above 30 FPS and would often go lower because the 760 was overheating. 

noise is not a problem for me, I'll have a look at that linus video.

but I find very little about the AMD version, which seems to have, slightly worse cpu (atleast per core?) but overall better performance in games.

I'd stay away from the Intel + Nvidia one due to thermal throttling problems.