*Buying 500gb+ HDD $20 or Trade

Looking to buy a internal 500gb+ hard drive, one that doesn't make a shit ton of noise preferably something like a WD caviar black, but I'm up for anything and looking to spend around $20 + shipping for it. I also see list of items I am willing to trade for it, if you are interesting in an item I didn't list ask and I might have it ^_^


Items for Trade:

  • 1 Broken wd Scorpio laptop hard drive ( would look great as a decoration)
  • random laptop ram ( many different types)
  • 16mb ps2 memory card
  • mac airport card
  • sli bridge
  • dingoo (portable emulator)
  • buncha ps3 games (mostly fps and rpgs)
  • Garry's mod (steam)
  • 1 minecraft account
  • ps3 controllers (wireless)
  • steel series qck mouse map 


I have a Seagate 1TB certified refurbs ST31000340AS. Its a solid drive. How much are you willing to pay or is 20 your absolute max? I'd take 40 shipped.