Buy PS3, is it still the right time?

Hey guys,

I've been thinking of getting a PS3, I love PC but it just doesn't suit my life right now, I've been traveling on 2 houses ever week, so building a desktop and travel with it twice a week is a no go for me, on one of the house I live I have a 18.5 inch LCD monitor and planning to get a 23 inch LCD minitor on the other place(where I live 5 days a week because of work)  so all I need is a ps3 slim (or the super slim if i cant find a brand new ps3 slim) and bring it back and forth on the two place I live since it's smaller and lighter. But is it still a right time? I mean, PS4 is already on i'ts battle gear and warcry for novermber. Any advice?



That depends on your budget, honestly. If you were a student or something like that with a low budget a PS3 would be better because it's obviously cheaper now. If you can afford the PS4 go for the PS4. Even if it is not slim you can transport it way easier than a desktop PC. And you are more futureproof as all the new games will clearly come out for the PS4 with better graphics. The PS4 isn't too expensive, too. I think it was around 400$.

How about the games? I'm watching Skyrim on PS3 and to be honest it doesnt look good, no offense,. I have a budget for the PS3 btw,

I think it may be wiser to wait for the ps4.

Its only two months away.

you could go mini itx with your rig, thats portable silverstone and lian li do some tiny functional cases

If you expect the games to be as good looking as on the PC you won't be satisfied. They are neither 1080p nor are they an equivalent to high graphic settings on the PC. It's more like lower than low. The PS4 will look better but I think the PC will still look way better. But we'll have to wait and see.

Or you could just buy a micro atx case such as the bitfenix prodigy m which is easy to move around and it would be cheaper than buying a ps3/4 and you could still play on pc. Or if you just want a ps console i would wait till for the ps4.


Logan showed a PC case portable enough to take up a mountain in the last inbox. Go watch it.

I vote mini itx or a gaming laptop.

last of us and the uncharted series are worth getting a cheap ps3

I am expecting great things from naughty dog for the ps4

i would only buy the ps3 for the exclusives like final fantasy, classics and what not.  Next gen isn't going to be that successful.  Mainly because the hardware on PS4 will become obselete within the years end.  PS3 and XB360 had a good run but now that x86 took over the console market.  I'm pretty positive that most of the games will end of up on the PC which are going to be cheaper.  I have my PS3 but only for exclusives like The Last of US or Gran Turismo and such.

TBH, if you don't want to go PC then I do not have any regards against for the PS3. But if you can hold on a little longer, the PS4 should make it out into the market by this Christmas. Several stores around NZ are open for pre-orders now.

Evolution in tech grows alot faster so there's no win-win. Go for what you're happy for.


I was thinking about that too, and after calculations and other things I realized that it will cost at least 40% more here in our country, sucks right,.

I tried calculating mini itx build to ps3 super slim, the cost is like 40% more and I cant slit it on my backpack like it's just nothing,. so yeah,.

Good point,. though if it's going to be ps3 I might still get multiplatform games,.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the reply I think I'll go for PS3 for now, for this reason:

-I can just drop it on my backpack and I'm good to go

-I love anime and ps3 have lots of game adaptation of games

-it's cheaper (in our country at least)

-it plays bluray


Reason if I'm will not get:

-Graphics is kinda meh,

-PS4 is coming to town

-I'm not sure about the controller thing(unless I can use keyboard)

here's a question what country you from? also one more thing about mini itx aproach, if you do it right it will offer more expandability over the ps4, considering this console gen is suppose to last up to 10 years. its kind of a long run so yeah. personally i dont blame you if wanted to get a ps4 but dont get a ps3 not this late in the game, the support for the console will be limited once the ps4 is out. even if the console is dated from release it will still support new titles that and you can just play ps3 games on the playstation store.

Im from Philippines, and I do see console games for around 20 bucks, normally around 48 bucks,.

ex. msg collection for 43 bucks,.

and I also try to squeeze 300 bucks to build a descent gaming build, first try was an amd apu,

i realized that it wont last longer since it's having some hardtime with 1080p on current games.

then a pentium g2010 with hd7770 build, but I just cant make it with just 300 bucks(local store based), and we're not taking the OS consideration yet wich is 117 bucks.


So yeah, and also I've been into PC ever since day 1, never own a console before, so i think i should give it a try this time.

If the parts are cheaper when the rig is bigger (ATX over Mini-ITX etc.), I would go for bigger rig and buy a cart for about 10bucks and just roll the PC back and forth. Your choice.

Honestly, if you don't want to justify on the parts for your mini-ITX PC, you have no regrets with the PS3. PS4 may be a real deal, but it seems you don't have an anticipation of waiting for something else, which is also a good thing in technology. Again, tech world evolves quicker so go with anything you're happy with. You can just put the PC in a long-term plan.