Buy Kaveri or wait for Excavator?

I am wondering if I should wait for the Carrizo APU. I have been reading on HSA and APU, and think of buying Kaveri, but then I want to wait for the Carrizo APU in 2015.

What do members think on the forums?

Why not both? Buy Kaveri now and upgrade to Carrizo later.

Well... What do you have now, and what do you need your computer to do?

I cant really tell you what to buy without knowing some basic information!


I do video rendering, video games, and streaming. I  am building a 2nd computer for the same use this one with apu.

If you are doing video rendering and streaming you should get an FX 8 core or Intel Core i7 for the best performance.

Why are you building a second computer? 

I do have a fx 8 core and it works great.

If I am rendering on the one with fx 8 cores. I can still stream and play games on the computer with the Apu.


You can easily get away with Kaveri, but Carrizo may be worth the wait. I wrote a few editorials about some rumors a couple months ago:

TO me, some of the rumors and leaked die shots sound too-good-to-be-true... but a 30% increase in performance on the low-end sounds right--- maybe 10% on the high side?

All speculation

Your call

i will buy kaveri. ty for the help everyone.

Yeah just go with a 7850k for now it can always be sold on eBay later when you upgrade. The used AMD APUs have been holding pretty good value on eBay. I wouldn't worry worry to much about HSA right now. As great as it sounds it probably won't be utilized for a few years yet. 

I think than a second rig can wait a little, I heard that 6 core cpus are coming out with carrizo. It may come in handy for streaming and video editing