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Business NAS build

for perspective my nas runs on a FX6300 and with encryption and max compression and I haven’t hit 100% cpu usage for the 5 drive raidZ1 I have

a 3600 will be fine


Would there be space for an old 10Gbps SFP+ or a 40Gbps QSFP+ card on that board? … having more connectivity to pull data in/out might be useful…

Eyyy my man, I put my dead 6300 on my key chain., had to shave off the pins though. Would have went for a 2600, but this mobo only supports Zen 2.

10G might be outside the scope of a 6 drive raidz2 with spinning rust, maybe if they were SSDs but I doubt he’ll saturate the 2.5G or if the small bussiness even has 10G equipment

Depends how they decided to split the PCIe lanes.

I was thinking more about being able to serve more than one 1Gbps host at the time. And also, about perhaps having a second box with similar hardware added for expansion/backups.

Mikrotik has relatively cheap switches with SFP+ uplink these days. And with 6 drives worth of read throughput, if it’s sequential… it should get close to 10Gbps.

Would need a 10gig switch as well, no? might be easier just to lagg;
Couple of 1gig connections…
clients would be on gigabit anyway, and probably not gonna gain Much from a single machine on 10gig

Wait, even better, 10gig switch, and a card in every machine. Then run optical thru the building, and be ballin!



you aren’t going to have much more than 1G read speed to go around anyway with just 6 5400RPM drives

Look, I’m just trying to build them a cheap NAS, nothing crazy, the office space only has like 4 computers anyway, the rest of it is a workshop for building stuff and prototyping.

Yep, 10G is overkill then (until you decide to build a second similar system).

Software wise, are you comfortable around Linux or FreeBSD and ssh?

Edit: half jokingly: get a QSFP+ card and breakout cables, perfect for those 4 machines /joke

I’m only an intern there a few months and I’ll be gone probably, I’ll just leave the documentation they can work with it, so I doubt I will be building them a system again.

Ye I know a bit, otherwise I wouldn’t be attempting doing this.
But probably nowhere as mush as you do :grin:.

What region are you from, by the way? EBay has a pretty far reach

Sounds like that ASRock Rack x470du or similar might be a better fit, on the account of IPMI and maybe you+they could come up with a small support contract to pay you a few peanuts to ensure you monitor the system and keep it up up to date and backed up remotely.

I’ve done this kind of thing years ago without IPMI and will all kinds of UPS watchdogs and I’m still afraid to reboot a system over ssh remotely on the account that it might not come back. …it’s doable, just not ideal when it comes to rebooting for a kernel upgrade? With IPMI, it’s much easier (checkout Wendell and Steve gamers nexus colab video where they built a similar storage box like you’re building… but get a bigger case :slight_smile: )

definitely grab a pair of small nvme and carve out a pair of small 64G partitions on each, for a log… and another partition for l2arc, it’ll do wonders for performance… It’ll allow all ZFS writes, even database-y syncs to return successfully as soon as they’re appended to the log sequentially onto nvme drives, without having to wait for spinning rust to turn and heads to position. (It’s the next best thing to turning off sync entirely).

I’m in Sydney Australia. Ye I know, better than Amazon here.

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RIP. Aus is basically the far Far lands… unless you are eev and his “dumpster dives”


At least you are not west coast, or inland. Or North

You think I can summon Wendelltron like they did :wink:.