Burger King?

Did anyone see this awesomeness ?


That was amusing.

LMFAO That was some funny right there @sirclint

Despite the “these were actual customers!” message I am not sure I believe that these are not all actors. Nice message, though.

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As a wealthy white male I’ll gladly pay 26$ for the whopper. After whopper neutrality was repealed my stocks in Burger King Holding skyrocketed offsetting any increased burger cost by a large margin.

Burger King made another “awareness ad” in the past.

While less relevant to the topic of this board, you may still like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnKPEsbTo9s

Did burger king care before? I don’t remember them being particularly vocal about it before?

I don’t think it works either, there’s competition. If i went into burger king and have to wait in a slow lane for a burger id go across the street to McDonalds and they can take my money which i’m sure they would be happy to.

Burger kind would probably be a good example of there not needing to be net neutrality laws, competition means its not required. The problem in the US at least from what I can tell is the lack of competition leaves people with very limited choices.


I can really respect what they’re doing from a marketing perspective. This is such a smart way to get good press and free advertising from people spreading this video around.

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This is an excellent, simple, easy to understand explanation of what Net Neutrality protected the people from.

Here’s what I’m confused by though. Did Burger King produce this ad, or was it done by change.org? Cause if it’s the former, then I wonder what stake does Burger King have in Net Neutrality? Is this just a marketing move? Do they actually care about the problem? If it’s the latter, then I just assume they were approached by them and agreed for the marketing, since most of the public is pro-Net Neutrality.

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With how Mc Donalds has done their pricing over the last 30 years compared to Burger King you would probably still have to wait and also pay for shipping and handling and rent your table by the hour.

That its cheaper than burger king?

Where do you live that Mc Donalds is cheaper than Burger King? I eat at Burger King and it ends up costing around $7, I go eat at Mc Donalds and it’s going to set me back $14 or more.

The UK. But if you don’t want McDonald’s and burger king is implementing slow lanes there’s always Wendy’s , five guys, or 10 other burger places . Which was my point. The example doesn’t really work because burger king would end up out of business.


Yes and food is life :slight_smile: I have lusted for fast food in my life :slight_smile:

It still works, because what if you didn’t have all that competition? You’d be fucked. That’s not hard to imagine.

Ha ha ha ha. This is sooo good! :joy:

Obligatory HailCorporate, lol jk. The two different endings with the fidget spinners and the giant mug is what makes the ad in my opinion.

The King with Pai’s obnoxious Reese’s mug was hilarious. I wonder if Reese’s has seen any backlash from Pai’s unsubtle endorsement?

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Reading this during a rare trip to BK…

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