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Bungie takes Destiny and runs! A trend?


Feels like the first piece of good gaming news in years…

As an old fan of Blizzard this gives me hope. Actually as a fan of good games in general this gives me hope. We might see a trend of studios cutting ties with big publishers. After all they are the record labels of gaming, their job was taken over by Apple, Google, Steam and now Epic and Discord and the advertising for games is mostly done by streamers anyway these days.

What do you think?


OMG! This is huge news! Thank goodness they are leaving Activision! I can’t wait to hear Jim Sterling’s take on this.


Lol whut? There have been 50 million expansions to destiny?

To date, Destiny has delivered a combination of over 50 million games and expansions to players all around the world.

Yeah if this is his they write articles I don’t want to hear an in game story.



I would think with laughter towards Activision, not radically different from everyone else. In general he is less optimistic about the industry as a whole so he might go for “now they have to prove it” as his perspective. Which I would be fine with.

Hey EA, can we have Criterion back? I’d like a new Burnout!


Reminds me of the stupid ROM release posts that claim a non-existent version is out


Damn autocowreck.

Unfortunately Criterion are dead. Only a name exists, they have been cannibalised, founder quit because of EA and took a core with him to work toward a new Burnout under Three Fields Entertainment, most of the staff that made Paradise are all gone and finally the lesser staff have been moved to various other dev groups and sub companies. It was and is still one of my all time favourite games and it is dead because of EA.


Dammit! Didn’t follow that one really.
Thanks for the info.


The 7 or so people left did appear at a games show and had an open world with cars, ATVs and flying things, think wilderness setting, but they stressed that it was not a game and is definitely not a burnout. More just showing that the company name lives, but that was a few years back and since then nothing.

Even the Remaster of Paradise was not done by what ever is left of Criterion. Which is only one recognisable name, Matt Webster, yes that road between the junk yard and Wildcats stadium.


@CPUBG There it is:



As long as I can keep my character data I am fine with whatever they decide to do.


While I am not invested, or even play the game at all, just as opinion based on history I expect there to be at least one catastrophic failure during the change over. I mean networking stuff and servers are involved, people employed in IT for just that make data destroying mistakes daily and they are staying in house. This involves a bit more than that again.


I’m excited. Hoping Blizzard leaves as well.

We could call it something like Brexit, but instead it would be like Buxit and Blixit.


In regards to Blizzard yes I hope they leave Activision too. Thing is though by doing so I am not sure I would get my Warcraft movie sequel. :S Activision I assumed helped kick in some major money to make that a reality. If I am wrong please tell me.


I’m not sure how much Activsion put into it. I’d really like to see a sequel as well. But I’d rather them leave Activision and make Azeroth great again.


Can we vaccuum halo’s 4 and 5 into space then