Bungeecord reverse proxy? [Solved]

At present I have an nginx reverse proxy for my server connected from the minecraft server via wireguard. This is to hide the traffic from my isp. As well as to protect my ip from users. I was told bungee cord is what I want as a reverse proxy though. I can’t seem to find anything concrete on this. At present my servers are working and have my dynmap on https. But would bungeecord really help?

I cant find the bungeecord is able to be used in the way nginx reverses the tcp traffic between my minecraft server and the outside world. And the fact the wireguard is what connects the two points.


Any idea?

Lol I was already reading as you tagged me. One sec while I collect my thoughts.

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Lol I just know you have some experience with this sort of thing.

My understanding about bungeecord is it is a hub essentially that connects you to other servers in a network? Or am I wrong?

Bungee is used as a middleman between you and your game server. Glorified proxy really.

What’s most useful is if you want to link multiple worlds together (same versions), or for a 0 downtime failover from a hub/lobby world and your main world.

It’s essentially a tool for scaling and allowing everything to talk together. Combined with a singular backend database you’ve got persistence between worlds with rank and progress and econ.

It’s a fantastic tool but purpose built. What sort of problem are you trying to solve?

Well at present I have what I want. But someone told me that I should not be using nginx as my proxy. But it has not had issues. The one issue I had was getting another server up (same ip, different port). But I solved that. Basically I want my IP hidden from others and I want my traffic hidden from my isp. Traffic only of the game servers hidden from my isp. Which with nginx. I actually do have this working.

You don’t need Bungee to solve that problem if all you are trying to do is run one world. Nginx or haproxy will be much more efficient.

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I am not ever going to run a huge server (in terms of worlds and player slots). Just a few servers. A kit pvp server and a basic world. I have both of those connected to the same linode (from my house). People connect to the linode ip/domain I use for that linode. It works. I just was curious about bungeecord. I dont think I am ever going to want a hub server/world. All there really is are 5 of us that play. Maybe more, but I have not had more than 5 on at once. I am not even thinking as big as l1 devember server. Just friends I have met here and there.

I have answered my own question. Lol.

It depends on the sort of experience you’re trying to achieve.

I’m kinda in the camp of, " you’ll know when you need it"

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The Level1Techs Minecraft server network uses bungee to tie the different servers together.

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