Bulk Rename Utility on a Network Drive

I recently reinstalled windows. There is an easy way to allow Bulk Rename Utility to edit files on a network drive with out mapping the drive to windows (It doesn’t work reliably for me). I had this working for me for the longest time. But I’ve spent over an hour trying to re-find out how.

AFAIK, it involves editing a text file in the program folder.
I hope someone here remembers, thanks.

Apologies for the non answer but it might be worth checking out Advanced Renamer. I switched to it from BRU and never looked back. My use case is about 50% renaming local files and 50% renaming files on an SMB share (I then compare the files using a Checksumming app called QuickHash GUI). I’ve never had any issue with it accessing files on the SMB shares I have mounted using Windows’ “Network locations”.

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Good call, I’ll look into it. It looks like it might be better for my uses anyway.

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