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Building The Ultimate Devops Workstation: Specs please

Hello everyone,

can you share the components from Wendell’s video?

Building The Ultimate Devops Workstation Part 1: NVMe RAID

thank you

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Fractal Meshify C
Aorus Master X570
Aorus NVMe PCIe 4.0 (x2)
Gskill TridentZ Neo 3600
Noctua U12A tower cooler
Extra 120mm fan
650w 80+ gold PSU

For the video I used a Gigabyte 2080Ti (overkill, not the best choice for linux), Vega 64 and RX580. A GTX 1070/1080 or RTX2060/2070/Super would also be a good choice.

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Many thanks for your swift response, @wendell . Going to build it but with different RAMs. Gskill TridentZ are quite pricey for 64GiB. :slight_smile:

I have build my rig, thank you @Wendell!
The only difference are :
Corsaire 3600 64GiB
Radeon RX 5700 XT

Gigabyte branding is a bit of a joke :confused: Their BIOS/firmware panel setting is ridiculous.

Also, I am not that impressed with the Ryzen to be honest for compilation and 3D rendering.

The machine is obviously fast but that’s not the blast I expected.

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Can we see pictures of it?

:thinking: Wait. @LinusTech, is that you?

It was the title of Wendell’s video:

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