Building new PC - Feedback needed - question

Hi, so im planning to build a new computer. (Not entirely new)

this computer will be used MOSTLY for gaming and some work with autoCAD, Catia, Solidworks and stuff

so thi is my what im going to build

CPU : FX6300 110$ish

CPU cooler : do i need 1 for overcloking FX6300? If yes, what cooler?

Motherboard : ASRock 970 Extreme4 (100$ish) or Pro3 (77$ish) (cant decide which one)

RAM : currently 1x4GB Patriot 1333mhz might going for 2x4GB 1600mhz kit (70-80$)

GPU : currently HIS6790 might going for 7870 (250-300$) later

PSU : Seasonic 520 80Bronze Modular 81$ or 550 80Gold Modular 96$

Case : dont know (something white, frontpanel input like usb and audio at front, not top) at 50$~100$

So, the problem is i cant decide which motherboard and PSU to get

maybe  im going to overclcok FX6300 later after i build it because i heard this CPU is really easy to OC, dual GPU, big chance not... So... PSU, is it enough to pull this build with  G550? Or is it an overkill, then i should get 520bronze 

About case, i dont have any idea, ao please suggest me :)

one last thing, pls recomend me laptop at 900-1500$, this laptop will be the opposite of my pc build, so this going to be prinarly for my working stuff like autocad catia solidworks, and sometimes playing games like Dota2 FIFA13 etc etc. should Be ultrabook form-factor, SSD+HDD(medium sized preferably maybe 64/128GB for SSD and 250-500GB for HDD)

sorry for my bad english and typo, i wrote this from phone

First, yes get a cooler CM Hyper 212 evo will do that job overclocking the 6300. Get the 7870 or GTX 660 (cheaper) and 8gb memory at 1600 or 1866 mhz if you can. The motherboard is very good i personally use it with my 6300,go for NZXT 210 elite pc case white colour. Overall you are good to go :)

so... im going to add CM Hyper 212 evo for my cooler and NZXT 210 elite for my case

about the motherboard, which one you actually use? Extreme4 or Pro3? what is the difference between these two?

and PSU, should i go Seasonic 520 80Bronze or 550 80Gold?

One question, what is your overall budget for the pc?


the budget is pretty much what im going to build, i just not sure what motherboard and PSU for my build

ASRock 970 Extreme4 or Pro3

Seasonic 520 80Bronze or G550 80Gold

for the GPU and RAM i lrdy have my own for now, but i might going to change it later after this build.

Asrock extreme 4 cause, the overclocking on this is very good and more features I have no complaints with it, psu go for any one of the 520 or 550 whichever is cheaper but make sure its 80+ cer. and single 12v rail :) but if you are planning to upgrade your system go for 550w to be on the safe side :)