Building My PC

I have:


Cool Master Hyper 212 (set for push/pull)

Antec 300 Mid Tower

Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8)

Seagate Barracuda 2TB


Looking to go with ASUS Sabertooth Z77 mobo, I want to run 3 monitors while playing so two GTX 660 in SLI, I have a Corsair 600 Watt 80 plus PSU. Need help on monitor choice and video cards would like to stay with NVidia, monitors and graphics cards have to be under $250 or a little higher nothing above $280 above my budget.


Thanks in advance,


Not entirly sure what you are asking for, if you want both the monitors and graphics card to cost less then 250$ its impsosible, if each one can cost 250$ or less its different. 



It does only have 2GB VRAM, which is not ideal for a 3 monitor gaming setup, if you are only using 2 of the for gaming and 1 as a secondary screen it could be okay.


You did say you wanted to run 2 660 Tis, so this is the cheapest it just barley misses the the 250$ mark, but its under 280, again this one has 2GB of VRAM, so it still a little short



This one has 4GB but it is alot more expencive, it will also preform way better then a 660, and its almost as good as a 680




Cheap 1080p monitor, it does have a 5ms latency, you could get a 2ms but those are more expencive,


OR Monitor:

This one has a 2ms latency but it is a bit more expencive, it is on sale so you shoud get it noaw if you want it.


I know RAM doesn't stack when you SLI, so what if I go with a 3gig cards like,


I'm trying to do a NVidia Surround when gaming.

HA, I looked for so long after a 3GB Nvidia card, that would work great, generally 1gig per 1080p screen is a minimum, so if you plan on going to 1440p screens you need a 6gig card, or a 5gig if you can find one.

But since you are going Nvidia Surround I would reccomend going for the acer screen since they are cheaper and it looks like the bars on the side are a tad bit thinner then those on the (peg)Asus one,and since you are using three monitors in  this fashion you wont notice the extra 3ms lag

Id get 7950's if your going to end up using Eyefinity Gaming, the Extra Bus Width and power will come in handy, and the 7950 is also more powerful than a GTX 660Ti so its a Win-Win

When choosing monitors anything under 7ms of response is perfectly fine, just dont get a cheap TN panel, not only do they suck for things like colour reproduction or contrast, but there input lag can actually be higher than a decent non-TN panel monitor.

Get an IPS or VA panel monitor.

Also, are you set on the Sabertooth? because you can get a good quality mobo for less and spend the money elsewhere.


Thanks guy as for the Sabertooth I fell in love with the armor. haha

As for the graphics card I want the PhysX you get from NVidia cards. I am planning to spend around $250 every two weeks, I'm going to go with a GTX 660ti  3gig card. Should I bother to get a water cooler?


For the CPU, no, the EVO is a great choise.

If you mean to watercool your GPU its a good idea if you want to overclock and have really nice temps, although (not trying to be rude) judging by that you needed help with this, you dont seem to a very experinced computer builder, so watercooling is probably not such a good idea, not saying you cant do it

Yeah this is my first build. I mean I have change/added DIMMs in the past but not too technical. You guys didn't come off as rude so no problem. Thanks once again.