Building my own storage cloud - Help wanted

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to ask for some help and advice on a project im going to start.

So at the moment I have 4 PCs in my house along with a plethora of tablets and smartphones.

I have lots of files dotted around and really would like some help setting up my own cloud storage I could access anywhere (Work etc)

My budget is small (Around £200) But this wouldn't include the cost of the HDDs/SSDs these will be separate.

So you think a cheap NAS would be the way to go

Although Im up for creating my own storage server if you think I would benefit from this.

My internet connection at home is ok 200MB down and 15MB up so transferring files from work etc should be ok.

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.

Well I run a random old computer that a friend gave me, which I converted into a NAS. Maybe see if anyone has any old computers laying around.

Well, how much do you care about your data integrity? Is it mostly just a media server?

If you run nightly backups to other partitions, you do not even need RAID. An old office PC would do for that. Something dual-cored would be nice. There should be some Linux distros that serve are ready to go.

For remote Access you need a static IP adress or a router that has VPN functionality (like AVM does) alternatively you would need to use a dynamic DNS service to get the current IP of your home network.

Although I have to say: The Ready-to-go NAS boxes are fine. I could play around with a 4 bay and a 2 bay synology. They are fast enough for most things (Plex is probably going to be too much if you transcode on the fly, simple HD streaming is fine though). And their remote access procedure is really nice and painless.

Although the solution with a used PC is better expandable, I would recommend a ready to go NAS if you actually have a budget and do not need stuff like "Oh I want to host small VMs and stuff".

I'm going to be the super cliche person

ahem FreeNAS ahemhem

But seriously, I've heard good things about FreeNAS and OwnCloud+Plex

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I run a personal owncloud instance for file exchange and foremost for calendar and contact syncing over various devices without google or apple or even microsoft being involved with their cloud (spying) services.

OwnCloud utilizes LAMP as a base.

For the uninitiated that is "Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP".

After years working with webservers it became so natural to just lamp it. Thanks for making it clear for everyone!

Thanks for the input everyone.

I was thinking of building a nas with old pc hardware I have around the house, I have an z87 i3 system that's not being used a lot.

In regards to data integrity only a small portion of what is being stored is important, around 90GB the rest is videos, music etc and just junk folders i refuse to delete.

I really would like to use FreeNAS or something similar, Just to I can really get to grips with things, I know wendell mentioned in a recent video that there's an up coming video about creating your own cloud storage.

I may wait till the videos out to get some more ideas.

Mostly you'll want at least 8gbs of RAM and about 1GB of RAM per TB of space past that.

Otherwise get HGST hard drives, and you should be set.

and maybe a UPS in case of power loss

yeah an i3 is totally fine for something like that, it will be a beast for what you're doing. go for it man! freeNAS is awesome and the knowledge you will gain is relevant.

Plus one for anything involving Owncloud, and Plex!
Owncloud does run faster with a real database. Postgresql is definitely faster than MySql.
Also NGINX is faster, and generally requires less resources than Apache.
Owncloud wiki documents setup for basically all of these possibilities, sans Plex.

Yes i am running a setup close to yours Ubuntu server LTS and running a samba share on an old pc. I have a 1ge lan and it is very stable. I am running a raid 1+1 and I have an automated smart tools testing the drives ever week. It emails me if one of the drives starts to fail so I do not get suprize you dives failed. by the way the os is on its on drive away from the share.


I'm sorry. I had to. I don't even care what people call it but I had to use that meme.

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