Building my first PC

Recently my computer has been crashing quite  and I've noticed that its speed has slowed down a lot. Since this is the case, I've had thoughts of replacing it and saw a chance to build one instead of buy one. The problem is that I don't know where to start and what parts to get. I want it to be a mid ranged PC mainly for gaming. Do you guys have any recommendations for parts to get? 

oh i have a budget of $800 - $1000           This one is .77 cent's over budget , but if that's an issue you can try some of those rebates and get some of your money back.

Logan also posted a video on the main Tek Syndicate youtube channel not long ago for a killer $600-$800 kill your console gaming rig that is actually pretty powerful, I had one similar to it for my first rig


That's what I posted to him with a couple edits.

lol thats alright, going a little over budget is fine with me. Anyways thanks for the list :)

No problem man :) hope you enjoy.