Building My First PC...Need some help

Hey, I am thinking to build a Haswell system but there are certain parts I am confused about.

1.Firstly these are the components that I am SURELY going to buy:-

i5 4670k, Hyper 212 evo, 8 gb Kingston hyperX blu RAM (2x4gb), 1tb hdd WD Blue,MSI GTX 760, Dell 21.5 inch IPS Monitor.

2.Parts I am confused about:-

MOBO- MSI Z87 G43 or ASUS Z87-A

Asus z87-A pros- 5k rated caps, More USB 3.0 ports, more power phases i guess(plz correct me if I'm wrong),AI suite 3.Cons-much costlier-does not allow me to fit other stuff in my build

MSI Z87 G43 pros-Much cheaper-allows me to add more stuff in my build
Cons-don't know about the caps rating..., lesser USB 3.0, lesser power phases, I don't have anything against the MSI software, just that I find asus's better.

What I want with a mobo:-
1.good stability and reliability.
2.can Overclock a decent i5 4670k to 4.2ghz easily with a hyper 212 evo cooler.
3.would last me at least 3 years without any issues.

NOTE:I am NOT planning on SLI or Crossfire.

3.Conditions That I'm Facing:

If I take the asus one-I'll have to take the Corsair GS 600 which is 80 plus BRONZE PSU

If I take the MSI one-I can easily take the Seasonic G550 which is a 80 plus GOLD PSU

I know thats a long list but I am really going nuts on the mobo and the psu I have to choose so plz help...

Thanks in advance :)

I would go with the asus board and the gs600 psu its still a nice power supply if you can get it at a low price.  but other then that looks like a solid gaming build.

Thanks , But do you have any other suggestions for the build? (as I am going to buy it soon)

If you want to know a little more about the Asus board here:

Z87-A @ 3:50

Your build looks good you might want to get a phanteks PH-12 or xigmatek dark knight so you can overclock to a higher GHz


Hey Yachint,

My advice to you is to go for the MSI G43 and the Corsair PSU. As i read lot of reviews, they told that even the cheapest z87 ATX mobos can handle the overclocking just fine and stable.

If i were you i would use a better cooling solution.

Of course the Hyper 212 Evo is a very good cooler, but for heavy overclocking (like you want, more than 20% overclock that's crazy :D ) its just not enough.

A closed loop liquid cooling (like a corsair H80 or H100) or a high-end air cooling (be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2, Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 <-- I use this one it is a really bang for the buck air cooling, but its so damn big it blocks the first DIMM slot completely, or a good Noctua) is much more suitable for this kind of overclocking.

If you can afford I suggest the closed loop liquid cooler, 'cause they are better, they are just as silent as the big air coolers, they are easier to install, and they won't give you the headache how to install a high proflie RAM. (if you want to change the HyperX later on)