Building my first gaming pc

I'm setting up my first pc and I'm having problem choosing which parts should I go with. About the ram I chose(see below) - there isn't much difference in price to 8gb 1866,1600 and i had my reasons. And I chose Gigabyte mobo's because i read a lot of people saying they're good and durable. Btw the parts here in Philippines are limited so there isn't that much to choose from. Also for some reason i like amd gpu's and i don't know why! Sorry for my bad English.

$1 = P44.65 in my country(Philippines)


-amd fx 6300 P5,450


-GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 4.0) P6,300

-GA-990FXA-D3 P5,950


-Sapphire R9-270x Vapor-x Boost OC 2gb DDR5 P9,700

-Sapphire R9-270x Dual-x OC 4gb GDDR5 P10,200

-ASUS R9-270x DC2 Top 2g 256bit P10,500


-Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 2133 CL9 P4,200


-ADATA XPG SX900 Series 128gb P4,580

-Kingston 120gb SSDnow V300 P4,400


-Corsair CX600 600w 80+ Bronze Power Supply P3,150

-Seasonic S12II 620w 80+ Bronze Power Supply P3,350


-nzxt tempest 410 P3,500(already purchased)

overall: 35,600 - 37,680 / about $797 - $843



GPU: Sapphire 270x, I'd go for a 270 though, you can overclock it almost equal to the 270x for cheaper.

Mobo: I wouldn't go Gigabyte, I had 2 DOA's in a row when I built a pc a couple years ago. The AsRock 970 extreme3 is awesome if you can find it, they're pretty cheap too. If it's your first computer then you probably don't need a 990fx unless you're comfortable with overclocking.


-ADATA XPG SX900 Series 128gb

PSU: -Seasonic S12II 620w 80+ Bronze

Awesome first build overall, good luck!

All my gigabyte boards which I've had were fine.  I like the Asus M5A99fx Pro r2.0 though.

gpu:  sapphire vapor-x 270x

psu: seasonic

@NoobCondiment The only r9 270 I found is the msi  r9 270 twin frozer gaming 2gd5 battlefield 4, and I'm going to overclock the fx6300 when i saved more money to buy a good cpu cooler.

@Some Tech Noob there's  a Asus M5A99fx Pro r2.0 but it cost P7,400 about $165. I I think I'll go with ga-990fxa-ud3 since I also read some of your suggestions and other people in other topics that gigabyte is a good mobo. Also I'll go with your suggestion about sapphire vapor-x- 270x and seasonic. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


The Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 is also a good motherboard.  If budget is a problem, go with that board.

ok i'll go with adata xpg sx900 series 128gb, btw i'd like to know the difference between the adata xpg sx900 and adata sp900? Thanks a lot also...



yeah thx for the help, now all i need now is to save for a 1tb harddisk and cpu cooler.


If you're not going to be overclocking anytime soon, the stock cooler will get your computer up and running.

ok thx a lot for the help... I'll still be roaming around in the forum to get more ideas in computer.