Building my first gameing pc help

hey everone im building my 1st pc im comeing from a ps3 2 pc so its all new 2 me but anyways  i have a msi z77agd65 mobo that was new in the box just siting here and i wanna do a build off that so what would be a good cpu for gameing and makeing vids on youtube use fraps and vegas movie studio hd a i5 3570k or i7 3770k  and was thinking of buying a evga 760  gpu  idk if thats a good card or not i play bf4 cod alot of war and racing type games and i was also looking at buying the thermaltake Chaser A31 blue case cuz it gose good with my blue and black mobo but any help and stuff would be nices thanks

You don't need an i7 for gaming, it won't make a noticeable difference. While I dislike intel's monopolistic moves, the i5 is fast. A 770 would make a huge difference, though.

Your case is fine btw, and I'd try for a cheap windows key. I need a price range, but judging by the motherboard you have, it deserves a high end setup.

For the future of the world, use a tiny bit of grammar and forethought in your posts. Hope this list is good enough for 'ya. IF I helpful or unhelpful, let me know. Good luck.

That's quite a nice motherboard to have just sitting there :D.  Let's see what I can hook you up with.

Since you didn't name a budget, I'll try to go as cheap as possible without cheaping out too excessively anywhere.

Gotta get back to homework now, so I'll leave you with a build like this to start off with.

hows this

Replace that GTX 770 with an R9 280X, as the R9 280X is both cheaper and more powerful.

If you plan on using two graphics cards in Crossfire/SLI, you could go with the 750w version of that power supply.  If you're only planning to use one GPU, I'd suggest getting a high quality 550w version.

Everything else should work.

hmm i dont like radeon all stay with my fav evga im only geting a 770 for now then gona buy 2 800 cards when thay come out

you can tell by my sreen name and pic i like evga nvidia js

If you're that type of fan, go ahead.  The GTX 770 is a pretty good card.  I just prefer the 7970 as it's both cheaper and better performing.

how dose this sound  nzxt switch 810 black


asus 24x cd rom


i5 3570k


2 gelid solutions 120mm blue led fan for cpu cooler


6 gelid solutions 140mm led blue fanes for case


xigmatek dark knight 2 night hawk edition cpu cooler


samsung 840 evo 250gb ssd for os and stuff


2tb wd black hdd


2 evga 770 classified cards


my mobo i have already msi z77A gd65


nzxt 1000 watt psu  Full Modular
80 PLUS GOLD Certified 


white psu cables from


g.skill ripjaw x 16gb 2x8 2400 mhzs ddr3 ram

i like nvidia but let's face it  the R9 280 is hell of a card, but i still prefers nvidia LOL, may be the R9 290x puff

Looks pretty good.  Should be quite a speedy computer once you get that built!

ok cool