Building mobile client for Tek Syndicate

I've done mobile cleints for forums before but since tek syndicate is coded much differently than most forums I can't seem to figure out how to parse any data from the feed. If anyone knows how they could extract the text/data from the feed please let me know.

I'm pretty sure teksyndicate uses drupal so you're able to skim the API and maybe find what you need.

Can't you just scrape the RSS feed and go from there?

I have to say they've done a hell of a job with this site, I can't believe it's drupal (apart from the forum posts format).  I think I would go insane trying to wrestle drupal into submission.

Also, open source that shit bro! :D

I started on an app for reading ts posts, it just scraped/parsed the home page into post/comment classes and formatted it into a slightly easier to read layout

Reasonably gross way of doing it but it worked, could perhaps wrap it into an api style lib, what server side language are you using?

Thats not looking too bad! Mine is set up so far to only retrieve headers and paragraphs, no pictures yet. I'm trying to write it as more forum based! One thing thats got me caught up though is adobe dreamweaver has got me all fucked up! I have to redownload it something happened with its host file! Great to see people want this!

I was curious about making this site responsive, I was tempted to ask them to let me give it a go :]

i love doing responsive design.

Someone please do this, when on the forums on my S3 I have to turn it sideways or else I only get half of the paragraph and the layout is still messed up. Here's what I mean (there are 3 images you can switch between at the top of the page for any non-imgur users).,mjV8XtK,UHg2fXQ

God, I would love it if someone revamped the mobile version. TekSyndicate is ridiculously hard to use on my Galaxy S3.