Building Linux OS

So, tell me. How exactly or where exactly could I grab info on constructing a LinuxOS and making an image of it to have it be sort of a live install for USB or DVD. Like I setup a system I need and then make a USB version of it to be able to reinstall it or install on another system


I think you're looking for Linux From Scratch.

If you just want something more along the lines of a customized Debian or Fedora image, I believe they both provide tools specifically for that kind of thing.

it's basically gentoo. compile what you need, and that's it.

LFS i looked at that before and I don't know if I'm ready for kernal work, but the gentoo sounds about right.

but would gentoo work well running a VM?

Hi ryzax25. For ease of use you could start using:

1) a standard Ubuntu Live-CD image and then customize it to your liking with

2) Or use Susestudio

3) Or like  Pyrophosphate already said, Linux From Scratch.


If you don't know if you're ready for LFS or not, then you're not ready for LFS.

I would go for Arch; it is hands-on, but it is very low-resource, very powerful, and has an amazing, albeit cocky, userbase.

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haha yes ive met an arch guy before and they are a little cocky but hey they know their stuff. does anyone call them archy's. archies? i dunno but yea ill prolly go arch. but if anyone has good resources on how to grasp LFS then i would really love a link or something.

i'm going with manjaro on my laptop, pretty much arch with more GUI

I wouldn't consider us Archies, persay, but...

I know, I know - I was just experimenting w/ Openbox for now.

any pointers to installing arch on amd64?