Building Gaming/Work Pc

As the title says I'm looking into building a new PC. One that will be able to run ESO, Diablo 3 and BF4 just to name a few. I want to run a dual monitor setup, so a rig that can handle all of that will great.

For my budget I would like to keep less then $2500 US and that with new monitors, keyboard, ect.I will be wanting to overclock at some point in the future so having a tower with sufficient cooling is a must. I was looking into getting the Corsair Obsidian 750D or something similar so I can manage all the wires and have space for upgrades later. Also I want to run an intel cpu as I have less issues with them in the past. 

Thanks in advance for the help and advise.


Edited:  Here's the build I'm currently looking at with the cpu either being the i5-3570k or the i7-3770k. Let me know what yall think about it and if there is any thing that can be improved. I most likely will start to purchase everything at the beginning of the year.

Also how many fans and what size you yall run with the 750D case? 

This will handle almost anything you throw at it with ease.  

CPU: Intel I7 4820K, costly yet beast. nuff said.  Will handle all productivity applications with ease and eats up games.  

Coole:Swiftek h220.  I actually recommend a custom watercooling loop in this but I had to put something in the CPU cooler slot.  But even if you don't want a custom watercooling loop, the swiftech is the best all in one cooler and it will cool that I7 very well so you can overclock that bad boy

Motherboard: Asus X79 Sabertooth.  Asus board so it is top quality. You can get a great overclock with this board. Although I am a bit disappointed it doesn't come with their signature TUF shield but regardless, great board

G.Skill Trident 16GB DDR3-2400: G.skill is top of the line memory. 16Gb is enough and maybe even more than enough for all your needs.  

Storage: 256 Gb Samsung Pro series SSD.  One of the best in the market.  Also 2 TB of Western Digital Black.  

GPU: EVGA GTX 780.  Great Card for the price and also some games bundled with it make it a great value.  MAx settings on most games easy.  

PSU: XFX pro 850W gold: 80Plus gold certified, fully modular, sli support, extremely reliable.  

Case: As you requested a corsair 750D.  Great case.

I didn't include a keyboard and monitors because i don't know much about them but I left room in the budget for them.


6 cores with hyper threading, kick ass heatsink 290x with water cooling, 300R is a nice case I love mine, 1080p monitor, great mouse and mech. keyboard 16GB of qaud channel 2400Mhz ram should treat Photoshop nicely, 2TB HDD and 256GB SSD are nice too

I'd go for a R9-290 and watercool it and overclock it. Might even crossfire them, they're cheaper and about as good.