Building gaming pc, need help

Hi, I am a switching over to pc this generation for the next-gen games and need some help. I have a $750 (USD) budget want an i5 3570k, 8gb of DDR3 Ram, and a graphics card with at least 2GB of GDDR5, also a Coolermaster haf 912 case, if possible to fit in with the budget. Other than that I am all open for any suggestions for the build.

I prefer amazon and newegg 

I plan on playing BF4, Watchdogs, and Elder Scrolls online at 1080p, Maxed out or Close to maxed out with around 40 fps or so.

for the grapics, whatever gets me the most performance for the money. 

Also I have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Windows 7 64-bit so I am all set on that end of things 

Prefer SSD or HDD?

Never used an SSD before to be honest, but if you recommend a SSD more than that's fine

Willing to compromise the space for the boot up and game loading times? If you have a hdd laying arround, you could add that. If you don't plan on using your last computer, you can grab the disc out of that.

I can compromise for the SSD

Now heres the big question. Will you hate me if its 751.99?

No... not to much anyway :D 

Fiddle around with it if you feel like it, tried to keep it high-quality yet inexpensive. 

Thank you

No prob

Just made something up, too tired to really review stuff but to be fair a $750 budget i5 build and wanting a GPU able to run games at full detail in HD isnt going to be an easy job.

Would you recommend having a 500gb HDD and using the extra $50 on a better graphics card?

Thank you

Tbh, I would go for the 500gb hdd.


just a bit over but worth it.

yeah i noticed that after posting, i had it in orginally with a SSD but the price went nuts :P

As i said just tired atm and clicking buttons, pretty suprised that GPU is so cheap atm but ends tomorrow i think.

Thank you

You might have been just clicking buttons but you found nice deal on the graphics card