Building Budget gaming PC for living room. HELP

Haha so I used to be into PC gaming but then really enjoyed being in the living room so ended up on consoles. Being dissatisfied with the next gen consoles power Ive decided to turn my HTPC into a gaming PC. Ive been with AMD CPUs for the last decade so im a bit unfamiliar with Intel CPU's I was looking at the new 1150 CPUs(Haswell).

Ive narrowed it down to either an i7 (4770) or i5 (4690,4670,4590). Ive read GPU bottlenecking isn't a problem with any of these, but want to be sure that even with SLI even with the next 800 series NVidia cards. Also as this will be in a ATX sized HTPC case, would the S series CPUs be worthwhile or are those too weak. I know how to overclock but don't really ever bother to do it so not sure if the K series would benefit me all that much.

Please help this converting AMD fanboy haha.


OK ive narrowed it down further to the i5-4670 or the i5-4690S. would get the lower TDP CPU help keep cool without losing performance compared to the non S model or will its performance for gaming be just fine? Im more worried about performance but if I can help keep things cooler at the same time all the better.

Two way SLI with 780tis will be pefrectly fine with an i5-4690.  Don't bother with the S series of CPU.

Also, if you're not going to overclock, look into the Xeon E3-1231 V3.  The E3 line of Xeons on the 1150 platform are locked i7s with no integrated graphics, and are also much cheaper than the i7s.  Since you're going to have a dedicated gpu, there's no real need for integrated graphics.

If you're worried about heat, why are you SLI'ing 800 series cards? That's going to totally cancel out any heat savings you make with an S model CPU.

If you want to have a cool running system, you can pair an S series i5 with a single GPU, and you'll have no problems at all.

LOL damn I literally just ordered the i5-4590S. Is there something bad about the S? The i5-4570 was the same horsepower should I cancel the order and get that one instead?

800 series will be just like the 750Ti - low power consumption and low heat output...

I agree with the idea for the Xeon.

I just have one question: how is that system a budget build, when you talk about 800 series SLI and was wondering about an i7?!

Im not that worried about heat but ya if I have two 780s in there making heat why not get a lower heat producing CPU if its the same speed and price.

So do you think ill be unhappy with the i5-4690S?


It should be good enough.  It still has a decent clock speed.

No such thing as bottle necking really. I would stick with building a AMD if your going for budget...If I was to build an HTPC this is what I would build..FX 6300, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD for boot, 1 or 2 TB WD Blue, maybe a 750ti or a simliar card.

Yeah the only reason I moved away from AMD was I really wanted PCI-E 3.0 but didn't want to have to go FM2+ to get it.

Right now the Specs I have for it are EVGA GTX 760, Intel i5-4690S, Crucial 500 256Gb SSD, Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI MOBO, and 8GB GSkill 1600DDR3 RAM.