Building a website

Logan I want to build a website where you can have member's but they have password protection and user name's.  How would i go about making a website like this and are there any good template's out there that can work magic in this way.  Also good beard sir



So a site with a login. The easiest route is to use PHP with an SQL database, but can be a learning curve.

Do you know any HTML or are you looking for something like a pre-made hosted site (such as squarespace)???

I would like something pre made just to save time but maybe the best route is to figure out how to build a site on my own and maybe that might be the best thing to do but if there are any pre made login templates out there that would be good too.  I dont know much about html just a little from w3 schools just havent had a chance to really look over that site yet. 



If you build a site, get someone else to proofread it for you.

This isn't meant as insult, just an observation on your usage of apostrophes.

On the actual topic, you'd probably be better using a CMS (content management system) and customising it to your needs, for example wordpress can be highly customisable and would allow to create a site with member accounts.


If you want to start from the basics I suggest going with a book from o'reilly.

Once you get into php and sql look at this site -

It will help you a lot with trying to get your code to work if you get stuck.

In regards to encryption or password protection look at: or


Just to add to the list of CMS you might want to look into:

 I haven't thought about having somebody proofreading good idea, Wordpress seems like a good route to go i recently was working on a site with go daddy's website builder and it was awful just awful.  It was a good deal 1 dollar a month for a free site and free hosting i guess it was too good to be true 

Wordpress is very easy to set up really, you don't need to know how to code, you just have to have a bit of common sense and it's easy enough to edit css and php documents with a bit of trial and error.

I've done this a few times myself out of necessity as I needed various website for various things.

Once you get in to it and you see things working too it gives motivation to get things finished.

Plus wordpress itself is free. Hosting is fairly cheap, I pay about $7~ a month for my hosting, but you can get ones that are around $4~ or so.

Drupal isn't really a CMS in the same way Wordpress is as it's very hands on, and is not at all appropriate for someone just starting out. People with experience can have a hard time with it.

wordpress I know from experience is dead simple, havent tried squarespace but haven't heard anything bad about it.


So an update i ended up using wordpress and it is awesome i also tried sqaurespace and hated it but wordpress did the job thank you guy's for all the help 

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents here.  Obviously you already discovered that GoDaddy sucks!  I've been with them for a while and the interface has ALWAYS been terrible.  It has even gotten worse over time.  Anyway, here is one that has a pretty decent Wordpress interface and apparently they also have a lot of good templates.  Here is the hosting company: .  Once you get going, here is a nice HTML editing program that is pretty simple and cheap:   Good luck and hopefully the learning curve is more fun than hair pulling. 

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One Important thing is you don't need technical knowledge to create the website. Anyone can easily design websites in their own style.