Building a video game soundtrack playlist

We have a LAN party scheduled for the summer, and in the meantime, I wanted to build an epic playlist with video game soundtracks for personal use and for that particular LAN party. 

I admit, I know very little of video game soundtracks, so it would be nice if you guys had some suggestions. Genre doesn't matter, just throw in everything you got.

I did do a playthrough of The Longest Journey, and the Fringe Cafè soundtrack by Tor Linløkken is really, really awesome.

Tor Linløkken - Dolphin

Tor Linløkken - Shark

Also, don't forget the UNATCO theme from Deus Ex

I like the soundtrack of Freelancer, Amnesia, Half-Life. Star Wars games I guess they use the movie's orchestral scores. Warcraft 3 and Starcraft's soundtracks were great, in their context. Deus ex is indeed cool, i've been missing out all this time.

some tracks of Unreal tournament, like mechanism eight, or facing worlds (forgone destruction)

This site has some really great tracks and remixes.

Listen:  Download:

It would also help to know what kind of music you and your friends are interested in, some tracks may be hits and some may not be.  I have a plethora of music, mostly video game music, and while helpful in making suggestions it is also a hinderance since it's just such a vast ammount of varying styles and quality.

Well said.

I also like Mafia and Fallout st.