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Building a router with multiple sim cards

Hi, i’m a newbie when it comes to networking stuff and linux in general, so any help or documentation would be greatly appreciated. I live in a rural area, at 400m where fiber coverage ends. The only real internet option in my area is a 3G/4G router. However, although 4G coverage is not bad at about 40mbps up/down with a phone, when using the router that my ISP gave us its capped to 20/0.5 mbps up/down. Also it randomly dies at the exact same hour every day, and the hour when it dies changes every few days. The good part of the deal with the ISP is that we have unlimited data sims for the whole family, and you can get up to 3 duplicates of the sim for about 8€ a month more. So for now, mainly to get arround the upload speed limitation i bought another 4G router and fitted it with a copy of my sim. I Used it for a few months now and it works well, but its got some problems. First, this one also randomly dies one or two times per day and takes a few minutes to regain connection, wich is super annoying. Also, even when the coverage is good and the full 40/40mbps i find its not enough when all the family is using the network. So, after all that explaining i want to know if this is possible: Could i plug into a custom pfsense router and plug in multiple sim card pcie adapters (do those even work?) and bond them together to multiply the bandwidth? I recently got an old dual E5-2600 xeon server with a lot of pcie expansion that i could use for this. if something like this is possible, where would i have to start? as i said, i dont have a lot of experience with linux, networking or virtualization in general, but i want to learn and this could be a cool project, if its doable. Thanks in advance

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Kind of. One connection would still be limited to the speed of one wan/sim card, but if you had multiple connections on the router (i.e. phone, computer, console, friend’s phone), the router can load balance them and your TOTAL throughput COULD be higher than over a single connection.

Here’s the pfSense docs on it

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Same thing (per connection gateway balancing) is also possible with mwan3 using openwrt.

It works fairly well.

Unless you want to build a solution from scratch like you suggested an off the shelf device like a Peplink | Pepwave Online Shop might be a pushbutton solution.