Building A PC

Hello, I'm new to the PC gaming community. 
I got an Alienware M15x a few years ago for a birthday present but never got into PC gaming due to having a console.

But I am now looking into building a powerful computer for 3D, Editing Video and producing a little audio and some programming I've just left university a few months ago after doing a game development course.

I am looking for a computer which would be able to do everything I need and of course play some games! (In spare time)

Any help would be much appreciated thank you I've got a budget of around about $4500-$6000 as I've saved up for 3 years since having a Xbox 360 for them years.  

Whew, well, you can build a dream machine at this price point.

Prices are subject to change and just swap out whatever you don't like.  This is just an example. I would get newer Video Cards, I'd max your ram, I would get dual 4TB drives rather than a 2tb drive, and I'd raid the SSD. Might as well get another monitor.

dont know much about speakers and headphones some one can help with that though.  May want to consider a 290x when it comes out if you dont need cuda

Replace those 670s with 7970s and it'd be a lot better.  Unless the programs you use need CUDA, that is.

Thank you for the assistance I'm going to wait for the 290x which ragingh4vok mentioned, and go with as many cores as possible, which would be the 4930K? Best price point, and I don't use Cuda, not much anyway I've got a card I'd be able to use for that which is the GTX-560-TI so I'll use that for cuda. 

Again thank you! 

instead of the 670s get a 780 if you need cuda otherwise go for a MSi R9 280X or 290X when it comes out.

not sure if its just me but isnt that heatsink a little underkill at this price point

I definitely suggest going with the single GPU solution. Saves you headaches, and opens the door for next-gen SLI/Crossfire which will undoubtedly better than previous generations.